Highlights of Milan Walking Tour with Cathedral and Rooftops - Small Group Tour

Join our guide for an unforgettable tour of Milanese cultural highlights. Climb the Rooftops of the Duomo, step inside the cathedral and walk through world-famous buildings and monuments of the city center till the impressive Sforza Castle.


Are you in town only for a short time and you would like to visit Milan’s main city attractions? Then this guided walking tour is the perfect solution!


We will meet in front of the Cathedral and take the lift to reach a breath-taking roof terrace of about 8,000 square meters. There, you’ll be able to admire 135 spires, pinnacles, flying buttresses and many statues. 

It is almost impossible to believe it, but the Duomo features about 3,400 statues! Designed and carved throughout the centuries, they portray a vast range of biblical and historical figures, gargoyles, animals, little monsters, dragons, faces, and puzzling silhouettes. 

And if you think that the Duomo is now complete, you’re wrong! New statues have been carved and installed in recent times to represent the city’s contemporary history.

We’ll also pay homage to Milan’s most venerated statue: La Madonnina. Completed in 1774 and installed on the cathedral's highest spire, the gold plated statue of the Virgin has been protecting the city ever since. Even our Milanese unofficial anthem is dedicated to her!


Getting down from the terraces we will step directly into the cathedral, which is an absolute masterpiece, a stunning architecture that took centuries to complete. In 1386, the first duke of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Visconti, commissioned the construction of this cathedral upon the ruins of two previous churches, Santa Maria Maggiore and Santa Tecla. 

Today the Duomo is the biggest church in Italy and the sixth biggest church globally.

Since its inception, the cathedral was dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente and designed as gothic architecture. Numerous changes intervened throughout the centuries, and it was finally thanks to Napoleon that the Duomo got completed. You’ll explore a place filled with history, art and faith, admiring fantastic stained glass, outstanding artworks, worshiped relics and unparalleled architectural solutions.  Did you know that precious Candoglia marbles were transported from their quarries (near Lake Maggiore) to the city center thanks to artificial canals?

Finally, you’ll explore the most hidden part of the cathedral: the ancient archeological area, which dates back to the Roman and medieval periods and which for centuries was a religious point of reference before the 1300s.


Lastly, you’ll spend one more beautiful hour strolling around Milan city center while discovering everything about its history, art, culture and architecture. 

The world-famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II will welcome us with its imposing glass dome and high street fashion boutiques. While captivated by the Galleria’s magnificence, you’ll hear the tragic story of its architect, Giuseppe Mengoni, and the subsequent legends deriving from his sudden and mysterious death. And if you happen to spot a ghost, don’t worry, it’s him!

Our next stop will be in Piazza della Scala, home to the world's most famous opera house, the city town hall, museums and monuments. On our way to the Sforza Castle, we’ll stop by the enchanting Piazza Mercanti, one of the most suggestive places in Milan. Indeed, the small Piazza perfectly conveys the city’s multi-layered history, featuring heterogeneous architectural elements. 

Our last stop will be in front of the Sforza Castle, a superb monument encompassing the city’s history like no other. The castle has accompanied the city throughout many tumultuous centuries and stands as one of its most representative symbols. 

This tour will finally introduce you to the beautiful Parco Sempione, the biggest park in town, expanding right at the back of the castle. Surrounded by rare plant species, you’ll finally be able to enjoy some much-deserved rest!


This tour is like no other. It will be an amazing experience in the city center of Milan, discovering curious details and Milanese facts.



Know before you go:

 - Admission to the La Scala Museum allows you to see the Theatre from the third-level boxes, but only when rehearsals or events open to the public are not in progress. 

- Bare-backed and/or low-cut clothing, shorts, miniskirts, and hats are not allowed inside the Cathedral.

- It is not possible to enter the Cathedral with helmets, glass objects and luggage. 


Not allowed:

- Shorts/miniskirts

- Pets

- Smoking
- Luggage or large bags


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